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High quality 3104 aluminum plate and coil manufacturer


2019-11-22 10:10

High quality 3104 aluminum plate and coil manufacturer, and one-stop solution

3104 aluminum plate and coil manufacturers provide the latest quotation and full process, integrated butler service.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum plate、coil and foil manufacturer. The 3104 aluminum plate production process is mature. Mingtai strictly controls the various production processes to accurately control the thickness, shape, surface and mechanical properties of the aluminum plate, and to ensure the product quality. At present, Mingtai 3104 aluminum plate has reached cooperation with many large-scale and famous enterprises, and has been highly praised by customers!

About 3104 aluminum plate offer: Please provide product use, specifications, status, usage and other details, contact customer service to obtain a special business one-on-one offer.

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