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Properties and Price of 5052/6061/7075 Mold Aluminum Plate


2019-11-21 11:20

Mold is a tool used to make shaped articles. This tool is made up of various parts. The molds commonly used in the production of materials are 6061 mold aluminum plate, 5052 mold aluminum plate, 7075 mold aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum has been developed and produced for many years. These grades of aluminum plate products have mature processing technology and are well received by customers.

First, aluminum plate manufacturers analyze the performance characteristics of 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate.

Compared with the 6 series and 7 series, the 5052 mold aluminum sheet has better tensile bending performance and is more widely used on the aluminum alloy mold. The common state of the 6061 aluminum plate is t6 and t651 aluminum plate, and the internal stress of the 6061t6 aluminum plate is relatively large, and the 6061 t651 aluminum plate phase is more than one step of t6, stretching on the basis of T6, eliminating internal stress, more suitable for post-processing of mold aluminum.

Users can choose the right mold aluminum plate for different products, and Mingtai Aluminum mold aluminum plate can be customized according to customer requirements to produce different grades and specifications.
Second, how to choose aluminum plate manufacturers reasonably?

How to make a reasonable choice of 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate manufacturers, we must choose some formal, direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturers, all because the direct-type aluminum plate manufacturers directly produce and sell 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plates. And the alloy grade is complete. Customized production of aluminum plates, more user selectivity.

In addition, these direct-type aluminum plate manufacturers, manufacturing 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate due to mature workmanship and high technical content, so the required manufacturing cost is low, and the price of the given mold aluminum plate is relatively affordable, so users can save money.

Besides, the reasonable choice of 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate can not be inverted, only consider the price of 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate, often overlooking the quality of aluminum plate, so remind everyone to buy the mold aluminum plate must be shop around, consult with experienced people , avoid spending more money.
Third, Choose Mingtai Aluminum for direct sales aluminum plate manufacturers.

You may wish to consult Henan Mingtai Aluminum, a direct-sale aluminum manufacturer. 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum plate selected from this aluminum plate manufacturer is not only low in price, but also more efficient in production. Why do I say this? You can consult Mingtai Aluminum online customer service, 24-hour online staff are always available to provide reasonable answers to your questions, and on the aluminum sheet price, real-time online 5052/6061/7075 mold aluminum sales staff will provide you with a quotation.

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