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Basic Performance of 3003 Aluminum Tread Plate


2019-11-20 15:47

What are the properties of 3003 aluminum tread plate? How much is 3003 aluminum tread plate? Here, The aluminum plate manufacturer has a simple explanation.

3003 aluminum tread plate belongs to 3 series(Al-Mn) alloy and is a widely used rustproof aluminum alloy. The strength of 3003 alloy is not high, it can not be heat-treated and strengthened. The cold working method is generally used to improve the mechanical properties. In the annealed state, it has high plasticity and good corrosion resistance. Ordinary 3003 alloy is generally used to make low load parts in liquid or gaseous medium, 3003 aluminum tread plate is used for anti-slip, generally used in ramps, stairs, non-slip floors, decorative panels and other fields.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large manufacturer of aluminum tread plates. Its tread plates are sold well in China and are well known in the international market. According to the shape of the pattern, Mingtai Aluminum's 3003 aluminum tread plate can be divided into one bar, 3 bars and 5 bars. After the 3003 embossed aluminum plate is oxidized, its surface is whitish, which is particularly beautiful and has a uniform flower pattern, which is a common decorative anti-slip product.

Mingtai Aluminum's 3003 aluminum tread plate has obvious production advantages. After years of technical research and development, the company has built two online quenching lines, While improving product performance, the production speed accelerated and the production cycle greatly shortened . The company can process the range: 850mm≤width≤1650mm, 1.2mm≤thickness≤10mm, 600mm ≤ sheet length ≤ 6500mm. The variety of products is effective and caters to the needs of the market.

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