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Manufacturer 5754 Aluminum Plate Price for TV Housing


2019-11-19 16:30

Television is now become one of the families necessary appliances, TV from previous black and white to color, from wired to wireless signal  has been constantly changing with the times. Of course, TV housing manufacturing materials has changing. Now, TV housing in 5754 aluminum alloy materials processing production. So, How much is 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing from manufacturer?

The current market of 5754 alloy aluminum plate contains a number of different states, each of which is applied in different industry sectors. 5754 aluminum plate is produced by hot rolling process, so the fatigue strength and welding performance of this plate are better than cast-rolling and widely used in welding structure, storage tank, pressure vessel, TV housing and other structures, generally has good processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and other characteristics.


the price of 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing

When it comes to the price of 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing form manufacturers, surely this is a topic that every user is very concerned about, how much is 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing from manufacturers? Although the alloy brand is known, the requirements on the use of the product are different, and the thickness and width of the processing are also different, so the quotation will be different.

In addition, it is necessary to combine not only the aluminum plate specifications, but also the selected manufacturers. Different manufacturers, their technical level, processing technology and cost input will also vary greatly. About 5754 aluminum panel price for TV housing from manufacturers, you can click on the online consultation at any time, we will have a professional combination of your actual situation, for you to choose more appropriate aluminum plate specifications, and give a detailed offer.

In the final analysis, if you want to get 5754 aluminum plate price for TV housing from manufacturer more affordable, it is very important to choose the right manufacturer. Because of a good manufacturer, not only can better ensure the quality of aluminum plate, the price is more affordable, and there are professionally technical staff according to the actual needs of users for reasonable customization.

specialized manufacturer of 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., LTD is a specialized manufacturer of 5754 aluminum plate for TV housing. It has strong production strength, large scale and good reputation in the industry. Its quality and performance of 5754 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai are stable and guaranteed, the price is economical, and after-sales service is perfect and thoughtful, It is worth your peace of mind to buy.

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