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1060 Aluminum Foil for Automotive Heat Shield


2019-11-11 09:10

In the summer, many car owners will put on clothes to their car  - car heat shield. As the name implies, a car heat shield is designed to insulate, protect against rain, dust, and sun, also keep the car temperature comfortable. So do you know what this "universal" car heat shield is made of?

Automotive Heat Shield Material -1060 Aluminum Foil

Automobile heat shield has certain requirements on thermal conductivity, strength, quality, waterproof, fire prevention and aging resistance of materials. With the increasing requirements of environmental protection in all walks of life, automotive heat shield is gradually made of environmentally friendly material aluminum alloy, commonly used 1060 aluminum foil. 1060 aluminum foil belongs to pure aluminum series, with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, used to make automotive heat shield cover with many advantages.
Market Recognition of Mingtai 1060 Aluminum Foil is High

Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil structure, performance, plate type, thickness and surface quality requirements are strictly controlled, to ensure the quality of finished products. In the auto parts industry, hot rolling material of 1060 aluminum foil with 0.1mm thickness enjoys a good reputation, which has high market recognition, the production and sales of the top 10.
How Much is Manufacturer Direct Selling that 1060 Aluminum Foil for Car Heat Shield?

The quotation of Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil is composed of two parts, namely the closing average price of Yangtze river spot A00 aluminum ingots on the delivery day and the processing fee. Since the aluminum ingots price fluctuates every day, the quotation will fluctuate.
1060 Aluminum Foil for Automotive Heat Shield, Procurement to Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in the processing and production of aluminum coil、sheet and strip for 20 years. With mechanized processing technology, strong technical team and advanced equipment, Mingtai can produce all kinds of single and zero foil to reach the international advanced level. Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil for automobile heat shield has high quality, version flat, no defects.

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