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Which type of aluminum foil is used for the yogurt cover film? How much is it?


2019-11-08 15:48

Yogurt products have a good taste and are good for human health and are very popular among consumers. The yogurt on the market is bottled, boxed, bagged, and cupped. The cup of yogurt has an easy-to-tear cover. It can be sucked with a straw, and can be easily torn open, dug with a spoon. Of course, you can lick the yogurt foil lid. So, have you considered what kind of material is made of yogurt easy to tear cover? Next, Henan Mingtai Aluminum reveal the answer for you.

Introduction of aluminum foil for the yogurt cover film

The yogurt cover is a composite material composed of a combination of polyester, aluminum foil and heat seal layer. Among them, aluminum foil plays a very important role in the whole yoghurt cover film. The commonly used grade is 8011 aluminum foil, the state is O , with less pinhole, good barrier and heat sealing performance, clean oil removal, clean surface, antibacterial and odorless, safe and hygienic, etc.
Four advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 8011 aluminum foil

1. Specifications: Mingtai Aluminum's 8011 aluminum foil has a thickness range of 0.016-0.5mm and a width of 100-1600mm. It can be customized according to user requirements.

2. Product performance: The 8011-O aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has less pinholes, good barrier properties and heat sealing performance. The product is free of greasy dirt and very clean, the surface is clean, it can reach food grade, can be cooked at high temperature, safe and hygienic.

3. Market application: 8011 aluminum foil can be used for cups of yogurt, cups of milk tea, cups of instant noodles, cups of jelly and other cups of food container sealing film, etc., can also be used in lunch boxes, containers, barbecue, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields.

4. Price information: 8011 aluminum foil price is composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee, Mingtai Aluminum Industry is aluminum foil manufacturers, not middlemen, aluminum foil price concessions, you can rest assured to purchase!

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