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5754 aluminum sheet for automotive fuel tanks


2019-11-04 11:01

Automobile lightweighting has been highly sought after by automakers. Even international manufactures of luxury cars have boldly come up with the idea of proposing all-aluminum bodies. For example, the well-known Jaguar, Audi, Rolls-Royce, etc. are slowly transforming into all-aluminum bodies. This shows that the prospect of aluminum for automobile is very good. The heart of the car is the engine. The aluminum for the engine has been widely used in the industry in the past few years. The fuel tank material is also a big market trend.

Characteristics of 5754 aluminum sheet for automotive fuel tanks

At present, the common alloys for automotive fuel tank on the market are 5754 aluminum alloy. 5754 aluminum alloy is a typical alloy of Al-Mg elements with moderate strength, excellent processing performance good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, forming a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum, and well prevents chemical reactions with other substances, which guarantees the service life of the automobile fuel tank, replacing the traditional iron fuel tank and the plastic fuel tank. 5754 aluminum sheet of different heat treatments are the main materials of manufacturing automotive industry (such as car door, mold, seal components), and the canning industry.As the automotive market is booming and the awareness of environmental protection is improving,the market for aluminum alloy automotive fuel tanks is bright.
Applications of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

1、5754 aluminum sheet is widely used for welding structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structure and offshore facilities, transport tanks. In addition, currently the domestic application of this alloy are various in high-speed rail, commonly used in high-speed rail barriers, sheet metal and internal structure welding.
2、 Easy coloring in post-processing makes it often use to produce high-end doors and windows. For same area, Al-Mg alloy doors and windows are much lighter than other materials. The 5754 aluminum products which manufactured by Mingtai Al. has excellent performance, and are widely praised in the doors and windows markets in domestic. 

3、 5754 aluminum is also suitable for the military industry of domestic, such as fuel tanks of aircraft.

Manufacturer of Aluminum Sheet for automotive fuel tanks

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been researching and producing 5754 aluminum plates since 1997,and is a senior aluminum sheet processing enterprise and is one of the best aluminum sheet suppliers in China. The aluminum alloy is exported to overseas and has an excellent reputation. The aluminum alloy produced has outstanding performance in various fields and can be used with confidence.


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