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All Kinds of Aluminum Foil


2019-11-01 16:21

There are many kinds of aluminum foil, and different aluminum foils have different functions.It can be classified according to the thickness, shape, state or material of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil and double zero foil according to the thickness difference. 
① thick foil: a foil having a thickness of 0.1-0.2 mm.
② single zero foil:a foil having a thickness of 0.01 mm and less than 0.1 mm. 
③ double zero foil: the so-called double zero foil is the foil with two zeros after the decimal point when its thickness is measured in mm, usually aluminum foil with thickness less than 0.0075mm.

When expressed in English, the thick foil is called "heavy gaugefoil", the single zero foil is called "medium gaugefoil" and the double zero foil is called "lightgaugefoil". In foreign countries, aluminum foil with a thickness ≤ 40ltm  is sometimes referred to as the light gauge foil, while the aluminum foil with thickness > 40btm is collectively called heavy gaugefoil.
Aluminum foil can be divided into coil aluminum foil and flake aluminum foil according to the shape.Most of the raw materials for deep processing of aluminum foil are supplied in roll form, and only a few hand-made industrial packaging uses sheet-like aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil can be divided into hard foil, semi-hard foil and soft foil according to the state. 
① hard foil:aluminum foil that has not been softened (annealed) after rolling, without defatting treatment, there is residual Shan on the surface. Therefore, the hard foil must be degreased before printing, laminating and coating. If it is used for forming, it can be used directly. 
② semi-hard foil: aluminum foil whose hardness (or strength) is between hard foil and soft foil, usually used for forming. 
③ soft foil: aluminum foil which is softened after being fully annealed after rolling, the material is soft and has no residual oil on the surface. At present, soft foils are used in most applications, such as packaging, compounding, electrical materials and so on.
According to the surface state, aluminum foil can be divided into one side of plain aluminum foil and two sides of plain aluminum foil.

① one side of plain aluminum foil: double-in-rolled aluminum foil, after being separated,one side is bright, and other side is dark. Such aluminum foil is called  one side of plain aluminum foil. The thickness of one sided of plain aluminum foil is usually not more than 0.025mm. 

②two sides of plain aluminum foil: single rolled aluminum foil, two pictures contact with roller. Two sides of aluminum foil are divided into mirror two-sided smooth aluminum foil and common two-sided smooth aluminum foil due to different surface roughness of roller. The thickness of the two-sided photoaluminum foil is generally not less than 0.01 mm.

Aluminum foil can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil, colored aluminum foil and printed aluminum foil according to the added state. 
① plain foil: aluminum foil that does not undergo any other processing after rolling , also known as foil. 
②embossed foil:aluminum foil with various patterns on the surface. ③composite foil:composite aluminum foil is formed by laminating aluminum foil with paper, plastic film and cardboard. 

④coated foil:aluminum foil coated with various resins or paints.

⑤colored aluminum foil:the surface is coated with a single color of aluminum foil. 

⑥printed aluminum foil:the aluminum foil which is formed by printing various patterns, patterns, characters or pictures on the surface can be one color, can be a color with up to 12.

Advantages and Application of Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil has a series of advantages, such as light weight, sealing and good coverage, so it is widely used in many sectors of the national economy and people's daily life. But at present , it is mainly used in three major fields: packaging, electromechanical and construction.

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