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Mingtai–Global Aluminum Foil for Container Manufacturer


2022-10-31 14:47

The scientific name of the aluminum foil for container is an aluminum alloy foil for a semi-rigid container. The container made of this material is of very good quality, and is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, and is widely used in daily life. The silver-colored lunch boxes, cake trays, and barbecue trays that you usually see are made from container foil.

Characteristics and Application of Aluminum Foil for container

The aluminum foil for container has many characteristics and is widely used. It can be used for heating and freezing food. The preservation effect on food is particularly obvious because it has strong insulation performance and is incapable of transmitting air and light. Aluminum-plastic composite cans are suitable for frozen foods, who are also suitable for use in engine oils. This is attributed to the non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting and recyclable characteristics of the container foil.
Aluminum Foil Manufacturers - container Foil

Because aluminum foil for container has so many excellent characteristics, China's aluminum foil for container market has developed very fast in the past two or three decades, attracting many manufacturers' investment. Among them, representative is the one of the largest aluminum foil for container suppliers in China, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., which has emerged in recent years. After the company was established in 1997, it has built a leading aluminum foil production line in China. This only domestic company that adopts double-bake and double-coat processing technology, which has a patented coating production line, and introduces advanced finishing equipment. The aluminum foil products are sold to the whole country, Europe, America, Middle East and International markets such as Southeast Asia.
Long-term trend of aluminum foil for container

Although the development speed is very fast, the domestic aluminum foil market has not yet reached saturation. Compared with foreign countries, China's per capita aluminum foil consumption is still very low. In Japan, the demand for household aluminum foil has exceeded 10% of the total aluminum foil, and the per capita consumption of aluminum foil in Europe has reached 1.5 kilograms, while the per capita consumption of aluminum foil in China is only 0.6 kilograms, even less than half of Europe.

However, in today's society, where environmental protection is becoming more and more important, container foils will have an impact on plastic containers with relatively large pollution, and the future development prospects are infinite.

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