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Aluminum Foil for Cosmetic Products Manufacturer in China


2020-03-12 11:20

Aluminum Foil for Cosmetic Products Manufacturer in China.

Properties of Aluminum Foil for Cosmetic Products

Because the aluminum foil is soft and easy to change, it is like paper, and it does not rebound after deformation. It can be qualitative, to ensure that the shading, will not fall, opaque, no pollution, the price is cheaper, and now gradually become the mainstream of the cosmetics market.

Applications of Aluminum Foil for Cosmetic Products

Mingtai provides Al Foil for Cosmetic Products with clean surface, non-toxic, no oil spots, low pinhole rate and no reaction with cosmetics. It often used to protect and package food, cosmetics and chemicals.

Manufacturer of Aluminum Foil for Cosmetic Products

Due to the high requirements about Al Foil for Cosmetic Products, there are relatively few mature aluminum processing manufacturers in the Chinese market. According to the current market distribution, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has a large market share and occupies more than half of the market share of caps. There is a clear growth trend. With the advantage and good market reputation, it has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers. Over the years, Mingtai has maintained long-term cooperation with Oman and other countries.

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