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What’s the effect of aluminum sheet raw materials on the manufacture?


2019-10-15 16:28

Aluminum sheet is divided according to the thickness.Generally,aluminum sheets are used in building decoration, electrical equipment and so on. Of course, they are also used by enterprises in chemical industry and manufacturing moulding, it is also classified according to different types. They are also classified according to different types. 

The requirements of the aluminum sheet for its material directly affect the scope of use, different specifications also have different material requirements. In terms of thickness, length and so on,all need to be customized to deal with. When choosing and purchasing aluminium sheet,whether the surface is smooth and smooth, no ripples,bubbling,stain point  and scratches. Request for the quality inspection report, warranty book, international quality certification,the manufacturer who owns these is the regular manufacturer to produce, can guarantee the product quality. The same price compares the quality and the same quality compares the price.

In the use of industry, also more keen on aluminum plates to pass different patterns through advanced computer photo print technology. Various imitation natural patterns are printed on the transfer paper by using the color ink, and then imitation natural patterns are indirectly copied on the aluminum plate through the thermal transfer technology. This is the operation to prevent oxidation after the aluminum plate is fabricated. The specifications and material requirements of the aluminum plate are not only visible in appearance, in the actual use will also appear such or other problems. For example, the appearance of the wallboard should be neat, the non-decorative surface should not affect the use of products, and the appearance quality of decorative surface should meet the relevant technical requirements.

When preparing the test piece, it should be considered that the performance of the decorative surface of the product is required to be consistent in the longitudinal and transverse directions.  In addition to the performance of the decorative surface, he other requirements of the product in the longitudinal, transverse and frontal directions are also consistent. The preparation position of the test piece shall be within 50 mm from the edge of the product. Aluminum plates are made to different requirements and specifications according to different materials.When ordering by the customer, it is necessary to deal with the requirements strictly as required.It also give the regular manufacturers a chance to produce.

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