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Application and Classification of Aluminum Composite Panel


2019-10-12 15:57

As a new type of decorative material, aluminum composite panel quickly attracts people's favor with its economy, variety of color choices, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble quality.

Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel products are widely used in the home improvement industry because of their smooth surface, colorful color, strong impact resistance, easy cleaning, sturdy and durable, especially in the home improvement industry. Let's take a look at its application and classification.

Aluminum-plastic composite panels are divided into two categories: outer wall engineering panels and interior wall decorative panels. The aluminum-plastic panel is divided into two sides and one side. Alloy plate. The front side is sprayed, and the reverse side of the aluminum plate is natural. The single-sided aluminum-plastic panel is only one layer of aluminum alloy plate, the strength is slightly worse, and the price is also cheaper. The quality of the surface painting, good aluminum plastic adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process, the color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove the paint after the touch.

Aluminum-plastic panels for home decoration are generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating covers, partitions and other styling.

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