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How to Choose Aluminum Gusset Plate Correctly?


2019-10-10 14:22

In the home decoration, suspended ceiling are usually installed in the bathroom and kitchen spaces. In the suspended ceiling of many materials, the aluminum gussets are waterproof and moisture-proof, making them suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens. At present, there are many ceiling brands on the market, and the quality of the products is uneven. Some aluminum plates are thicker and have a harder texture, while some aluminum plates are thinner and have a softer texture.When consumers buy aluminum gussets, they tend to think that the aluminum gussets is thicker,and the quality is better. It is not easy to deform after installation. However, the industry has said that the high-quality aluminum gusset is not as thick as possible.

How to Choose the Ceiling Material?

Due to the large number of pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, the general family will install ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom even if there is no ceiling in the living room or room.Kitchen fume is larger,and the bathroom is often affected by moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a condole top that can be waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, and the aluminum gusset plate is suitable for these two spaces. Products about Aluminum gusset are also divided into medium and high grade.The more expensive products are relatively soft and thin.

The view that "the thicker the aluminum gusset is, the better" is  wrong.
which is a common misunderstanding when buying aluminum gussets.
“The thickness of the substrate on the market exceeds the industry standard ,so this substrate often used in the recovery of aluminum. The aluminum plate produced by it is thicker, but it is easy to corrode and rust because of many impurities.In fact, It's not that the thicker the better. But aluminum gusset plate with lightweight, flexible aluminum gusset is the best,generally is 0.6 to 0.7 mm,Too thick aluminum gusset may also be made of sticking film or inferior recycled aluminum.” For the metal ceiling, the purity of the aluminum is different from the surface process, and the price difference is relatively large.

The best gusset is the imported LG film-coated plate with no color difference, no discoloration for 30 years.The worst is the spraying plate, which is easy to be stained with oil,it is toxic and discolored.Inferior metal plates contain heavy metals, which have radiation to the human body. iron content is high and easy to rust, Inferior film is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, not all metal plates are environmentally friendly, but being divided by obvious advantages and disadvantages.

The aluminum gusset plate is billed in square meters or pieces. Although it is more intuitive to charge according to the film, many people are used to asking the price of the square meter directly. If you don't want to be cheated, you must know how many gussets per square meter.The common specifications on the market is 300*300.When calculating the area, divide 1 by the area of the single piece to get the number of pieces per square meter.If the specification is 300, each square meter should include 11 gusset plates.The top of kitchen and bathroom are usually  equipped with water pipes and wires. In the future, if the maintenance is needed, the aluminum gusset plate ceiling has obvious advantages, and each aluminum gusset plate can be easily disassembled.

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