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Mingtai Introduces the Application of Aluminum Alloy Plate Used for Building


2019-10-09 15:40

Mingtai Introduces the Application of Aluminum Alloy Plate Used for Building.

Aluminum alloy plate becomes widely used product in our life. As we all know, Aluminum alloy plate is an indispensable part of building project. The starting of project about building curtain wall in china later than developed country, It has been in advanced developed countries for decades, while China only started in the early 1980s. With the continuous development of economic construction, building curtain wall as a high-tech product in building industry is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Mingtai Aluminum Alloy Plate 

Aluminum alloy plate curtain wall with hidden frame develop rapidly, which is used together with aluminum alloy glass curtain wall in project of curtain wall,to make our high-rise buildings are more bright and form various colors. And the combination of various material form a beautiful curtain wall pattern.

Curtain wall being made by aluminum alloy plate is a form of building curtain wall. It is mostly used for wall covering and unlit wall,insteading of mosaic and glazed tiles to spray the exterior wall. As the high-rise building itself sways all the time, the glazed tiles and mosaics are prone to fall off for a long time,but aluminum alloy plate curtain wall is firmly hanged on the aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy plate. At present, the aluminum alloy plate used for project of curtain wall in China’s building market includes several types of composite aluminum, single-layer aluminum and honeycomb aluminum.

Now days,the application of China’s building aluminum alloy plate  curtain wall becomes more and more. So we should pay attention to some problem at the application of aluminum alloy plate curtain wall. The first is resistance to deformation. The second is the connection between every plates. The mechanical calculation of each important part of the aluminum alloy plate curtain wall system must be done. Consider the effects of wind pressure, earthquake, temperature and self-weight on the curtain wall system, and carefully check the embedded parts, connection system, panel, keel system and fasteners. To ensure the safety of the aluminum alloy plate curtain wall.

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