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Price of 6061t6 Aluminum Plate


2022-05-12 17:07

Price of 6061t6 Aluminum Plate 

In the 6-series aluminum plate, the high-quality 6061t6 aluminum plate is a heat-treated alloy. The 6061 aluminum plate in the T6 state refers to the aluminum plate extruded from the extruder and then cooled by water to cool the aluminum plate instantaneously, so as to aluminum plate reaches a higher hardness requirement. It is generally above 13.5 hardness of  Wechsler. Because of its excellent alloy properties, it is the main material used in the automotive industry, mold manufacturing, shipbuilding, mechanical parts, precision machining seals, and canning industry. As a domestic high-quality 6061t6 aluminum plate manufacturer, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has been strictly controlling the product manufacturing process and is committed to providing customers with more high-quality aluminum products.

Performance of 6061t6 Aluminum Plate

The 6061t6 aluminum plate belongs to the 6-series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. Its alloy has high strength and is excellent in weldability, corrosion resistance and cold workability after hot rolling. It is a promising alloy with a wide range of applications. However, due to the complicated processing technology and high technical requirements, the price is relatively high compared with ordinary aluminum products. There are relatively few domestic high-quality 6061t6 aluminum plate manufacturers, mainly because the production technology of most aluminum plate manufacturers has a big gap with advanced countries.

Application of 6061t6 Aluminum Plate

It is widely used in tank car, mold and automotive, mostly for aluminum plate in transportation. With the development of the aluminum processing industry and China becoming a major industrial production base, the market application prospect of the 6061t6 aluminum plate will be better and better.

Manufacturers of 6061t6 Aluminum Plate

At present, there are numerous domestic aluminum plate manufacturers. The small and medium-sized aluminum plate manufacturers are also the main force in the production of aluminum plates. However, the large-scale aluminum plate manufacturers with quality assurance are not particularly numerous, mainly the Mingtai Aluminum industry in Henan and the Southwest Aluminum in Chongqing. As one of the high-quality 6061t6 aluminum plate manufacturers, Mingtai Aluminum has matured technology and can meet the diversified needs of different industries and customers, and provide customized products for customers.

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