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Mingtai Aluminum introduce the important application of aluminum tread plates for you


2019-09-16 16:13

Aluminum tread plates is a high-cost modern material that can be used in furniture production, such as the manufacturing areas of refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, platforms, etc., and it is not easy to rust during use, and is favored by customers. Then what are specific functions of the aluminum tread plates? Mingtai Aluminum as a aluminum tread plates manufacturer gives you a detailed introduction.

Mingtai aluminum tread plates

There are many types of aluminum tread plates. The role of aluminum plates are varies according to the type. The common aluminum tread plates are mainly used in some common environments. The price of such aluminum plates is low, mainly used in cold storage, flooring and other occasions. It is not easy to rust during use and can be selected according to the situation.

In addition, aluminum-manganese alloy tread plates is processed with 3003 as the main raw material. The strength of this aluminum plate is higher than that of ordinary alloy aluminum tread plates, which has certain anti-rust performance, but it can not reach 5000 series aluminum tread plates in hardness and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the product is mainly used in non-strict rust prevention, such as truck models, cold storage floors and so on.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy tread plates are mostly made of 5000 series aluminum plates as raw material such as 5052 or 5083. These aluminum plates show good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance, so they can be used in special areas, such as ships, cars, or other humid environment, this type of aluminum plate also show high hardness and strong load-bearing capacity.

The aluminum tread plate is mostly used in the design of architectural platforms with good anti-slip ability. The types of aluminum tread plates are different, the use places are wide, the appearance is beautiful, and the customers are favored it. The aluminum tread plates produced by Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd is not easy to rust with outstanding performance, so our customers can choose with confidence.

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