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China aluminum checked plate manufacturers _5754 embossed aluminum plate price?


2019-09-01 10:10

5754 embossed aluminum plate can also be called 5754 pattern aluminum plate. On the basis of aluminum plate, aluminum products with various patterns are formed on the surface after calendering processing. The common pattern of pattern aluminum plate has one rib, two ribs, three ribs and five ribs. The aluminum checked plate has good anti-slip effect.

What is the price of 5754 embossed aluminum sheet?

The price of 5754 embossed aluminum plate needs to consider many factors. Firstly, the specifications and thickness are different. The price of embossed aluminum plate is different. Secondly, the pattern is different, the processing technology and equipment are slightly different in application, the cost is different, and the price is naturally different. The daily price of aluminum ingots in the market has a certain degree of decline. The price of aluminum sheet processing fee is determined by the market price of aluminum ingot plus processing fee is 5754 embossed aluminum sheet, so the market price of aluminum ingot is also one of the factors affecting price.
If you need to consult the specific 5754 embossed aluminum sheet price, please contact Mingtai Aluminum, we have a professional business manager to quote you.

China's aluminum checked plate manufacturers recommend Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., the thickness of the pattern aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum can reach 1.2-8mm, the equipment is advanced, and the quality is guaranteed.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of aluminum foil and foil. It is a private aluminum foil and foil processing enterprise in China. The company has six controlling shareholding companies including Henan Mingtai Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Mingtai New Material Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou CSR Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. The company has more than 5,000 employees, 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, and 44 other large processing equipment, with an annual output of 770,000 tons.

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