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Aluminum foil in Industrial Applications


2019-07-29 11:04

The barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in building panels adding to the insulation performance of modern building systems. Aluminium foil is also used as a skin for heat-insulating and incombustible materials to provide high performance insulation for pipework and ducting. The adhesive tape used to secure the laminated material is also based on aluminium foil for its reflective surface, corrosion-resistance and long life.

In electrical cables, aluminium foil helps to give long-term insulation against moisture and attack from naturally occurring corrosive elements found above and below the ground.

Aluminium foil also acts as an insulator against the magnetic and radio frequency emissions associated with electrical cables. As a sheath for fibre-optic cables, aluminium foil uses its electrical conductivity to act as a ‘tracer’ to enable testing of the integrity of cable links - as well as helping to provide the long term protection every cable needs.

In ‘fire walls’ for vehicles and fire-proof doors and building panels, aluminium foil stops access to the oxygen required to support flames.

Aluminium foil has enabled car manufacturers to save considerably on the weight of a car's radiator. This, in turn, saves on the fuel demands of the vehicle, so reducing emissions. The air conditioning now standard equipment in most passenger cars also uses aluminium foil for the heat exchanger finning.

It is not just in cars that aluminium heat exchangers are to be found - everywhere that heating or cooling is necessary. In the air conditioning of shops and offices, theatres, ships, refrigerated trucks, trains and so on, there is a place for the economy and efficiency the aluminium foil-finned heat exchange unit.

Aluminium foil is also increasingly important in automotive components such as impact energy absorption structures and in catalytic converters. Favoured over steel because of better corrosion resistance and weight economy, special aluminium alloys provide the physical properties required in these aluminium foil applications.

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