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Basic steps for the production of 1060 aluminum alloy


2019-05-09 11:01

Basic steps for the production of 1060 aluminum alloy:

1. 1060 aluminum alloy plate and strip are supplied in hot rolling state, annealed state, various grades of soft state and various heat treatment conditions.

2. the preparation of 1060 aluminum alloy before hot rolling mainly includes casting quality inspection, heating, sawing, milling, aluminum cladding and heating.

3. In semi continuous casting, the cooling rate is very high, the diffusion process in the solid phase is difficult. The aluminum ingot is easy to form chemical composition and uneven tissue, such as the intragranular segregation, so that the plasticity can be reduced.

4. When the surface of aluminum ingot has defects such as floating material, slag, scar and crack, the milling surface should be made (see the milling surface of non-ferrous alloy ingot). This is an important factor to ensure the good surface quality of the finished product.

5. hot rolling: the hot rolling of aluminum alloy ingots is to provide billets for cold rolling or to directly produce hot rolled thick aluminium plates.

6. hot rolling process system includes pass reduction rate, rolling temperature, rolling speed and lubrication cooling.

General specification of thick aluminium sheet:

The conventional specifications for aluminium plates 1060 and 3003 include 1000*2000 and 1200*2400.

1060 aluminium plate thickness is now in standing stock thickness between 0.26mm-40mm.

The normal specifications of the 5052 aluminum plate in the 5 series aluminum plate include 1220*2440, 1250*2500, 1500*3000, and the thickness is between 0.75mm-6mm. In order to facilitate the cutting, the thickness of the plate is generally 1550*3000, and the thickness is between 8mm-120mm.

In the 6 series, the conventional size 6061T6 aluminum plate is 1220*2440, and the thickness is between 1mm-100mm.

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