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Aluminium foil for household or catering use


2019-05-06 10:08

Pop up aluminum foil sheet commonly used For:

Wrapping baked potatoes

Wrapping sandwiches

Covering full or half size stainless steel table pans (when not transporting pans)

Covering half size foil steam table pans

Aluminium foil in flexible food packaging

Our Aluminium foil for food packaging come in three pre-cut sizes, saving you the time and hassle of unrolling and estimating foil sheet sizes. Use these sheets to quickly wrap sandwiches, potatoes, and more! They're perfect for wrapping hamburgers, hot dogs, or sides at your concession stand, fast food restaurant, or snack bar.

A variety of aluminium foil roll widths and lengths is produced for use in the kitchen and for caterers in the food service industry. From shrink-wrapped, or flow-wrapped, value aluminium foil to extra-thick catering aluminium foil in robust dispenser boxes.

Aluminium foil for freezing

Because aluminium foil is malleable and will fold and wrap close to the food being stored, it is an ideal material for irregularly shaped items such as the remainder of meat joints etc. The deadfold characteristic of the metal allows the foil to be sealed by folding and without the need for any tie or tape.

Aluminium foil for roasting

Perhaps the most familiar is its use in wrapping oven-roasted meat, fish and poultry during cooking in order to retain moisture and to reduce shrinkage and drying. In commercial catering, maintaining the size of the portion on the customer’s plate is an important element in providing meals which satisfy.

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