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Aluminium plate for cast/mould/rolled


2019-05-06 09:59

A continuous cast plate machined both sides to about 25 microinch finish and thermally stress relieved. It has the best thickness tolerance of any aluminium plate plus maximum stability. It is excellent for precision applications such as electronic base or mounting plates, photo vacuum plates, checking fixtures. Has good welding, anodizing and corrosion resistance properties. No forming. It is usually used in the 6 mm to 30 mm thickness range, but also available up to 150 mm.

aluminium plate for mould

Aluminium mould plate is a rolled tooling plate. This is generally made to rolling mills house specifications. It is not as stable as cast tooling plate but gives much better life in highly machined components. Its porosity free characteristics make it ideal for plastic injection moulds. Most commonly used in the 100 mm to 250 mm thickness range, but some mills can produce up to 400 mm thick.

aluminium plate for rolled

Aluminium alloy plate, usually in a 5000 series alloy, which has been rolled in the normal way. The plate is subsequently super annealed to provide stability, and then precision face machined to provide close tolerance dimensions. This process is often carried out by processors as well as producing mills, and has a variety of trade or brand names that are often similar or equivalent to each other. This has certain advantages over cast plate in weldability or anodising, but may be less stable.

Aluminium alloy 5558 is a specialist rolled aluminium alloy plate specifically designed for tooling applications particularly in machine beds or jigs. This alloy has all the characteristics of 5083 aluminium plate in welding, polishing and anodising but has the machinability of 6082 aluminium plate. A full range of thicknesses from 6 mm to 300 mm are available.

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