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Application Range of 7000 Series Aluminum Plates


2019-05-06 09:57

The 7000 series aluminum plate is widely used in the aviation industry, it is an essential material for making aircraft. Mainly applicable to: aerospace industry, blow molding (bottle) mold, ultrasonic plastic welding mold, golf ball, shoe mold, paper mold, foam molding mold, dewaxing mold, model, clamp, mechanical equipment, mold processing, used to produce high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frame.

Let's know about the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum plate together with the aluminum product manufacturer.

The characteristics of the 7000 series aluminum plate:

1, high strength. The most remarkable feature of 7000 series aluminum sheet plate is its strength. The MgZn2 structure formed by Zn and Mg elements has obvious strengthening effect, so that the heat treatment effect of 7 series anodished aluminum sheet is far better than other aluminum sheets. With the increase of zinc and magnesium content, the strength of aluminum sheet plate will further improve.

2. Good mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the 7 series aluminum sheet are excellent, because the internal crystal is fine, uniform distribution, so the 7 series aluminum sheet has super wear resistance, its depth drilling performance is also second to none.

3, strong corrosion resistance. The 7000 series aluminum sheets have good resistance to stress corrosion and spalling corrosion, and have excellent performance in the processing of high stress structural parts.

4. Low temperature strength. The 7000 series aluminum plate has good low temperature performance, especially when the temperature is below 150 C.

7075 aluminum plate is a representative brand of the 7000 series aluminum plate. It can be called the strongest commercial aluminum plate. Among them, the strength of 7075-T651 is stronger than that of mild steel, and is regarded as the best product in aluminum alloy.

The strength of 7075 T651 aluminum plate is even more than that of mild steel.

The disadvantages of the 7000 series aluminum plate:

1. The addition of Zn and Mg can improve the strength of 7-series aluminum plates, but with the increase of Zn and Mg, the stress corrosion resistance and spalling corrosion resistance of 7-series aluminum plates will also decrease.

The welding performance of the 2000 and 7000 series aluminum plates is not high and is not suitable for welding.

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