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A Fast Method for Calculating the Price and Weight of Aluminum Plate


2019-05-06 09:50

It is customary in the world to call aluminium materials with thickness above 0.2 mm, width below 500 mm, width above 200 mm and length less than 16 m as aluminium sheets or aluminium plates; aluminium foils below 0.2 mm and aluminum strips within 200 mm width (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the widest aluminium strips can reach 600 mm are more).

Aluminum rod, diameter: 3-500 mm

Aluminum tube, thickness: less than 2-500 mm

The theoretical calculation formulas of aluminium tube, aluminium plate and aluminium rod are given. (Note: There is an error with the actual weight, the size unit is mm) the weight of aluminium plate (kg) = 0.0000028 * thickness * width * length aluminium tube weight (kg) = 0.00879 * wall thickness * (outer diameter - wall thickness) * length aluminium bar weight calculation formula (kg) = diameter * diameter * length * 0.0000022

Aluminum sheets can be divided into several categories according to their processing methods and uses.

Brushed aluminium sheet: The manufacturing process of scraping aluminium sheet out of line repeatedly with sandpaper. Its main process is divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill and water washing. In the process of drawing aluminium sheet, the special skin film technology after anodic treatment can make the surface of aluminium sheet produce a kind of skin film containing this metal component, which can clearly show each fine filament mark, and thus make the metal glossy and lustrous.

Alumina plate: Aluminum plate is formed by electrolysis of aluminum plate in corresponding electrolyte (such as sulphuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as an anode under specific conditions and applied current. A thin layer of alumina is formed on the surface of the anode when the aluminium plate is oxidized. Its thickness is 5-20 microns, and the hard anodic oxide film can reach 60-200 microns.

PS Aluminum Plate (Advertising Aluminum Plate, also known as Printed Zinc Plate, Newspaper Plate): Aluminum Plate with printed pattern thickness of 025 or 03 on the back.

Mirror polish aluminium sheet: refers to the aluminium sheet with mirror effect on the surface of the sheet by rolling, grinding and other methods.

Embossed aluminium sheet can also be called aluminium tread plate. It belongs to aluminium products with various patterns formed on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminium sheet. It is widely used, mainly in packaging, construction, curtain wall and so on.

Aluminum sheet plate price:

The price of aluminium ingot is about 12700 yuan/ton, the processing cost of aluminium sheet plate is 2000/ton = 18000 yuan/ton) and the specific gravity is 2.71 * 3mm * the price of aluminium plate is 18 yuan/kg = 146.34 yuan/square. 2MM*2.71*Unit price 18 yuan=97.26 yuan/square

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