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Aluminum alloy sheets can be worked into any form


2019-04-28 09:53

Aluminium and most of its alloys (hot rolled aluminum plate,sheet aluminum)can easily be worked into any form and readily accept a wide variety of surface finishes.

Light weight is perhaps the best known characteristic of aluminium corrugated sheet, with density of approximately 2.73 x 103 kilograms per cubic metre at 200C as compared with 8.89 x 103 for copper and 7.86 x 103 for carbon steel.

A unique combination of properties puts aluminium sheet and its aluminum sheet alloys among our most versatile engineering and construction materials. All aluminum alloys sheet are light in weight, yet some have strengths greater than that of structural steel. The majority of alloys are highly durable under the majority of service conditions and no coloured salts are formed to stain adjacent surfaces or discolour products with which they come in contact, such as fabrics in the textile industry and solutions in chemical equipment. They have no toxic reaction. Aluminum plate sheet and most of its alloys have good electrical and thermal conductivities and high reflectivity to both heat and light.

Aluminium pp caps sheet,aluminum sheet for bottle caps are widely used in food product containers because they are lightweight, seal well, conduct heat and are easy to recycle. As demand increases for containers that address environmental issues, are functional and that can be crafted into attractive new designs, we are collaborating with clients to develop new materials that will help aluminum cans make even further inroads.

Haomei aluminum offers a wide range of aluminum alloys designed to suit a range of applications and meet various strength, hardness and working needs. We have great quality aluminum foil, circle, sheet, mirror and embossed sheet, coil and so on,please elaborate more about your requirement ( kind of labels you require , specification , quantities etc.

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