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Good Aluminum Coil Stock Suppliers In China


2019-04-08 15:18

The number of aluminum coil stock suppliers in China keeps increasing. It takes great effort to pick really outstanding suppliers out of numerous ones. Are you receiving dozens of quotations every day yet still at a loss? If you have no idea about features that excellent suppliers have, you’ll waste much time and energy.

Generally speaking, good aluminum coil stock suppliers in China are featured by leading annual productivity, high global market share, advanced process and professional service. Take Mingtai Aluminum for example. As a member of top ten suppliers in the industry, it has an annual productivity of 430,000 metric tons. Some of its products take up about half of the market share at home. One third of orders it has received came from overseas. In the past ten years, it established cooperative relationship with clients from over forty countries and regions. Such a great achievement would not have been made if not for its advanced production process and increasingly professional service. At present, Mingtai workshop is equipped with five half continuous casting lines, nine continuous casting and rolling lines, seven cold rollers and nine aluminum foil rolling machines. These equipment can produce aluminum coil of thickness from 0.01 to 300mm and width between 11mm and 3100mm. Precise customization is also available. In contacting with clients from home and abroad, its sales teams have been striving to improve themselves in service quality. Strict requirements from clients keeps helping them grow stronger and stronger.

As one of the leading aluminum coil stock suppliers in China, Mingtai Aluminum supplies aluminum coil stock, aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil and aluminum circle of various specifications. Welcome to contact us at or +8615903641529 for more information!

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