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The applications of aluminum sheet/plate in automobile


2019-04-07 10:15

Aluminum sheets are the most widely used aluminum product, not only in daily life, but also in industrial application. As we have talked about the application of it in aerospace and truck, today let us discuss the applications of aluminum sheet and plate in automobile.

Aluminum sheet and plate used mainly in automobile manufacturing passenger automobile doors, fittings, protection board, the anticollision beam and bumpers, covering parts, engine cover, luggage back cover, roof panel, the front and back cover, automobile door and so on. Automotive aluminum can be divided into two series: the first is the body structure, aluminum sheet alloy represented by 5754, its consumption accounts for 70% of the automotive body aluminum, 5754 aluminum sheet has good formability, sufficient strength, excellent welding performance, thickness of 1 ~ 3 mm, maximum width of 1.9 m. The second is the external skin (including the door, the engine hatch, trunk lid, etc.), represented by 6016 and 6111 aluminum sheet alloy, the plate has no stripe on the surface, has certain strength, thickness of 0.8 ~ 1.0 mm, maximum width of 1.8 m. At present, the dosage of aluminum sheet alloy automobile plates all over the world about 400000 ton (covering parts accounted for about 50%), among them the eu dosage is about 200000 ton, dosage of North America is about 80000 ton, dosage of Asia (mainly Japan) is about 50000 ton. With the development of technology and the strict demands for environmental protection, the aluminum sheet and plate must be more and more popular in automobile manufacture. The future of aluminum sheet market is brighter, that is the reason why more and more people are willing to invest and join in the aluminum product area. To a new investor, a good manufacture is of great importance, with Mingtai, you can get more benefits without any risk, many customers choose to have more and more orders after the first cooperation with Mingtai, so please overview our website to select the best product for you!

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