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1060 mirror aluminum reflect sheet for led lighting


2019-03-30 14:33

The reflective material of the LED lighting reflector is generally made of 1060 mirror aluminum reflect sheet for lighting. In order to improve the light effect, the aluminum sheet is mirror finished to enhance the reflectivity. Due to the light-emitting characteristics of the LED, the mirror aluminum inside the reflector can enhance the LED lighting effect, the price is also cheap, in addition, the mirror aluminum reflect sheet is fireproof.

In general, the mirror aluminum reflect sheet is a material that not only enhances the light reflectivity, but also improves the light efficiency of the whole lamp, reduces the glare, makes the light more uniform, and is fireproof, and environmentally friendly reflective material. The advantages of mirror aluminum reflect sheet for led lighting than ordinary LED lighting reflector are:

1, Anti-glare

The lampshade made of mirror aluminum sheet 1060, because of its extremely high diffuse reflection characteristics, causes the reflected light to scatter around, wide-angle light, thus reflecting light evenly and softly, reducing glare, protecting vision and providing a wider range. Irradiation range and more uniform illumination.

2, Improve the light effect

The LED lamp with mirror aluminum reflect sheet for lighting has different structure depending on the structure, and the light efficiency is improved by 8%-30% compared with the ordinary LED lamp.

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