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8011 Aluminum Foil for Red wine bottle capping material


2019-03-29 13:33

The traditional red wine is a oak plug, so lay the red wine on the flat, let the liquor fully contact the bottle in the bottle, so it won't break into the air because the plug is dry. However, it has strict requirements for storage conditions and high requirements for temperature and humidity. If it is not properly controlled, it will cause the mold pollution to result in the deterioration of the wine. The incidence of this mold is as high as 1%. So many red wine now take the metal plug unscrewed, so it is very good to stop the possibility of air entry, and will not cause leakage because of the temperature and other reasons, so the metal plug is also more and more widely used.

These wrought metal plugs are mostly made of an aluminum alloy  8011.  this 8011 aluminum foil has a good deep drawing effect, the maximum punching depth can reach 60-80mm, can be directly stamped forming; at the same time, 8011 aluminum alloy has excellent oxidation effect. After oxidation coloring, the color is bright and beautiful, and the quality is lighter, and the horse iron. The specific gravity can reach 1/10, which has the advantages of high recycling rate and environmental protection. Therefore, it has been accepted by more manufacturers and customers.

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