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5083 Aluminum Coil Plate Stock


2019-03-27 14:44

Aluminum coil stock 5xxx is known for their exceptional anti-corrosion and favorable strength. Different types of alloy of the series, however, differs slightly in properties. Take 5083 for example. It’s of higher strength than 5052, and also highly resistant to corrosion. What’s more, it can withstand extremely low temperatures without becoming brittle or losing its other properties. Because of this, it’s especially suited for cryogenic applications.

Speaking of cryogenic applications, many would think of fridges. As a matter of fact, many fridges, including household China Haier, apply aluminum coil stock as a couple of its product parts. 5083, owing to its excellent coldness withstanding performance, has long been used for fridge cooling vessels which were made of copper whose price is much higher than aluminum alloy. Besides, aluminum coil stock, mostly embossed type, is also raw material for the exterior boards, inner containers and evaporator of fridges. Aluminum coil stock is the best candidate for the inner container, because it has required heat-conduct and corrosion resistant property, and most important of all, it’s cheaper than other eligible materials.

In addition to fridges, aluminum coil stock 5083 are used for refrigerator cars and containers. Image having a seafood feast in the central city of Zhengzhou, thousands of kilometers away from even the nearest Yellow Sea. Fresh lobster, fishes, crabs do not survive long once leaving the sea. They have to be kept in special containers and delivered to faraway destinations as soon as possible. These containers can be cartons, wood boxes, bubble chambers, or refrigerators, among which refrigerators are the most simple and convenient. Just put water, seafood and ice into the containers in accordance with given ratios and deliver the containers to required destinations. In this way, seafood will still be alive before being served to you in Zhengzhou.

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