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Aluminum plate for bimetallic busbar


2019-03-23 08:44

Mingtai Aluminum independently develops and produces aluminum sheet for aluminum busbar and  aluminum busbar connections, widely used in transformers, reactors and other electrical appliances, an effective alternative to the traditional flash welding and brazing process. 

aluminum busbar

Mintai aluminum can produce 0.016-5mm thick 1060 busbar aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and has high corrosion resistance. It is easy to weld, gas, hydrogen and contact, but difficult to braze. The 1060 aluminum sheet has good extensibility and tensile strength, which can be satisfied by drawing and stamping in routine production.

Mingtai aluminum undertake 8-5000 tons of busbar with 1060 aluminum plate raw materials, do not do post-processing of finished products.

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