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Factors affecting the quality of 1060 aluminum sheets


2019-03-20 14:51

Since the reform and opening up, Shanghai's economy has developed rapidly, and the demand for non-ferrous metal processed materials in the Shanghai market has also increased rapidly. This is mainly reflected in the large volume of metal trading, the wide variety of specifications, and the different technical standards. Import and export are active, and the price of aluminum sheets The relationship between supply and demand is sensitive and so on. Among them, 1060 aluminum plate is a common aluminum plate, which is widely used. The 1060 ultra-wide aluminum plate is applied to aluminum busbars, lamps and ultra-wide curtain wall panels. Shanghai aluminum board suppliers introduced the factors affecting the quality of 1060 aluminum sheets.

1. Aluminum alloy melting furnace; how to melt the alloy to cast a good aluminum alloy, which depends on many aspects, such as furnace and fuel, advanced round furnace, general furnace, no matter which kind of fuel, will be provided The chimney is used to discharge waste gas from the fuel. If there is no chimney, only low-quality aluminum veneers can be produced, and there are severe slag bubbles inside, because the exhaust slag is all melted in the aluminum water.

2, alloying elements; the primary equipment element of aluminum alloy is that the content ratio of aluminum, magnesium and silicon in the process of making aluminum alloy has severe planning, and these contents directly affect the quality of 1060 alloy aluminum plate. Shanghai aluminum board manufacturers have their own data, and they don't talk about each other.

The continuous application of 1060 ultra-wide aluminum plate promotes the development of society. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces and supplies 1060 ultra-wide aluminum plates, and the 1060 aluminum plates produced can reach a maximum width of 2650mm.

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