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Characteristics of the 5052 pattern aluminum sheet


2019-03-20 14:46

The 5052 aluminum alloy has excellent appearance and inner lining. It is the preferred choice for decoration. It can be used in all aspects of life, from the wall to the ceiling of the house, to the lighting of the house, to the car accessories, to the switch panel. , photo frames, etc. can be decorated with panels with so many advantages.

5052 pattern aluminum plate is a representative product of non-slip aluminum plate. The advantages of this series of products are: high hardness. This series belongs to the representative series of alloy aluminum plate, which has high tensile strength and hardness has obvious advantages in similar products. The aluminum-magnesium alloy product also includes a 5754 pattern aluminum plate). It has strong corrosion resistance and good anti-rust effect. This series of products has added magnesium alloy during processing, the content can reach more than 2.5%, has good corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance, and can adapt well to high strength and high resistance. Corrosive occasions have a good application effect on ships, vehicles and working platforms, and have great advantages over 1060-pattern aluminum plates.

As a well-known aluminum foil and foil enterprise in China, Mingtai Aluminum provides customers with a comprehensive quality assurance system, from the aluminum ingots purchased from raw materials to the layer inspection in the production process, to the quality inspection before leaving the factory, providing customers with 360 degrees. Worry-free quality inspection packaging, to achieve one-stop worry-free procurement worldwide.

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