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What are the factors that determine the price of 6061 aluminum alloy sheet?


2019-03-09 15:20

6061 alloy aluminum plate has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect. It is widely used in various industrial structural parts requiring high strength and high antibacterial properties.

6061 alloy aluminum plate

The general price of 6061 alloy aluminum plate is determined by two parts. The price of aluminum ingot and processing fee are basically quoted in this market. However, some companies have their own way of quoting. Aluminum plate volume * aluminum density (2.71), that is, length * thickness * width * 2.71, calculate the weight (ton) of each aluminum plate, and then multiply the number of aluminum sheets, such as 300 sheets, 500 sheets, the result is the aluminum sheet total weight. The price of aluminum ingots on the day, plus the processing fee for the product of the manufacturer, is the exact price per ton of aluminum plate of this model. Multiplying the tonnage of the required product by the price of the aluminum plate per ton is the exact price for the product.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce: O, T4, T6, T651; thickness (mm): 0.3-500; width (mm): 500-2800; length (mm): 500-16000 of 6061 aluminum plate, the specific offer can be Telephone consultation with Mingtai Aluminum.

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