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Aluminum plate for noise barrier wall, rejecting noise pollution


2019-03-08 14:26

Noise pollution is a problem that we have to pay attention to in our lives. Aluminum alloy panels are the preferred raw material for soundproof walls because of their light weight, recyclability and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum plate for noise barrier wall

The high-speed baffle is mainly composed of the foundation, the column and the screen plate. The foundation is the main bearing capacity structure of the baffle. It can be designed separately or in the road design. The column is the sound barrier. The main force-bearing member can secure the bottom flange of the column to the foundation by means of pre-embedded bolts, planting bars and welding, so as to achieve the stress requirement of the entire baffle. The baffle plate is the sound barrier take-off and landing. The main component of the noise effect, which can be fixed in the notch of the column by special high-strength springs, bolts and angles to form a baffle.

The traditional baffles have 1 series and 5754 aluminum plates, which can face the impact of typhoon in the cities facing the sea in the south. They have extremely high requirements on the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum plates, and 5a03 aluminum plates are often used. The 1 series aluminum plate is pure aluminum, the 5A03 alloy aluminum plate and the 5754 alloy aluminum plate are the same as the Al-Mg anti-rust alloy aluminum plate, but because the magnesium content of the 5A03 aluminum plate is slightly higher than the 5754 aluminum plate, the corrosion resistance and tensile strength of the 5A03 aluminum plate are both Higher than 5754 alloy aluminum plate, it can better resist storm and corrosion.

China Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. can produce 100-2650mm wide aluminum plates for 5A03 and 5754 high-speed rail noise barriers, and undertake orders of 8-5000 tons, customized production, fully meet customer needs, 4-35 days delivery, export More than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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