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40micron/35micron Aluminum Foil 3004 for Food Container in China--the Price of Aluminum Foil


2021-10-12 14:34

Manufacturer Type:

Manufacturers of 3004 aluminum foil raw materials for lunch box containers (do not do post-composite, printing, gluing and other processing techniques, only provide aluminum foil substrates)

Various food containers made of 3004 aluminum foil can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, suitable for pies, luncheon meat, dense cans, sauces, jams and processed cheese, coffee milk, vegetarian paste and other products that require a long shelf life Sealed packaging can also be used in non-food applications and industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

40micron/35micron Aluminum Foil price

40micron/35micron Aluminum Foil price

The advantages of aluminum foil packaging containers: 

low weight and storage volume, low transportation cost, good barrier properties, high temperature sterilization and pasteurization. The aluminum foil container can be heated directly on the microwave oven, which is convenient to use and ensures the freshness of the food.

3004 aluminum foil has high hardness and good load-bearing performance. The stamping effect is better than 3003 aluminum foil. It can be applied to aluminum foil lunch boxes and the product is hygienic.

Aluminum Foil 3004 for Food Container in China

Aluminum Foil 3004 for Food Container in China

Mingtai Aluminum Foil Products:

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale 3004 aluminum foil raw material manufacturer. The 3004 container material aluminum foil products produced by the company are of good shape, no black wires, no bright lines, no holes, and multiple advantages, high quality and low price. It has long been a variety of aluminum products at home and abroad. The lunch box manufacturer provides aluminum foil raw materials, which has won unanimous praise from customers.

Mingtai Aluminum can take orders for 3004 aluminum foil substrates for 8-5000 tons of lunch box materials, with a delivery time of 7-35 days, global exports, stable quality, and reliable purchases.

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