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Hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plate factory direct sale_ cheap price


2021-07-07 15:57

Hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plate is a green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and outstanding performance new aluminum plate alloy. Its thickness ranges from 0.2-8.0mm, tensile strength: 210-240MPa, yield strength: 120-140PAa, elongation: 20 %+, its corrosion resistance is good, it has good deep processing performances such as milling, cutting, engraving, etc. The group has good heat resistance, easy to form, and strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for mold manufacturing, machined parts production, etc. Excellent oxidation coloring performance.

Hollow engraving 5052B aluminum sheet

How much is a ton of hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plate ?

First of all, there are many factors that affect the price of hollow engraved 5052B aluminum sheet, such as manufacturer, product status, quality, etc., but the more important thing is actually the manufacturer and product specifications. Why do you say that? Please read on.

Manufacturers: With the increasing demand for hollow-engraved 5052B aluminum sheet in the market, there are more and more hollow-engraved 5052B aluminum sheet manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different development strengths, production technologies and sales methods. Therefore, Will have a certain impact on product prices.

Product specifications: According to the different needs of users for production, if the selected product specifications are different, then the processing technology, processing technology and product cost input will be different, so the prices are also different.
The hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plate has more state and thickness, and it can also be customized on demand. As for the specific product specification, which is more suitable, it should be decided according to the actual situation and needs of the user, or the parameters and price of which specification product you want to consult, click for free Consult and communicate with our technical staff in detail.

Hollow engraving 5052B aluminum sheet manufacturer

Hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plate which is cheaper?

There are many manufacturers of hollow-engraved 5052B aluminum sheets on the market. If you want to talk about cheaper manufacturers, you can visit Mingtai Aluminum, because:

Strong manufacturers, high product quality and good service

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of hollow engraving 5052B aluminum plates. It has multiple large-scale production plants. It has more than 20 years of development history and has accumulated rich production experience. From development to the present, it has been responsible for customers. Ingenuity creates every product and casts its own "Mingtai" brand. Its product performance is stable and reliable, and its quality is high. The products are exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad, and are unanimously praised by users at home and abroad. The industry also provides users with customized solutions, we have a professional after-sales team, after-sales service is more complete and thoughtful, and provide you with 24-hour service!

Factory direct sales, cheap

As a direct sales manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has its own R&D, production, and sales teams, which directly communicate with customers face-to-face, without intermediaries to earn the difference, and the prices to customers are the ex-factory prices of the products. Call the sales hotline for consultation and quotation:

Sales Hotline: Whatsapp: +8615036049104   Email:     WeChat: 15036049104

Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer —— Whatsapp/WeChat:+8615036049104