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China aluminum plates manufacturer for auto parts-6082 aluminum prices and specifications


2021-03-22 10:05

Many parts in cars are made of aluminum alloy, such as doors, hoods, fenders, engine hoods, luggage compartments, etc. The reason why aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile manufacturing is inseparable from its excellent performance. 6082 aluminum plate is a more commonly used automotive aluminum plate, which belongs to Al-Mg-Si alloy. It is an aluminum alloy sheet that can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has medium strength, good welding performance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in transportation industries such as automobiles, ships, and railway transportation.

6082 aluminum prices

6082 aluminum plate can be used for car chassis. The material of the car chassis requires impact resistance and bending resistance. The 6082 aluminum plate meets these requirements and has a high degree of safety, which can distribute the weight of the car body to the entire car body structure.

6082 aluminum sheet can also be used for automobile outer panels. Automotive exterior panels require good flanging ductility, no slip lines on the surface, and good aging stability. 6082 aluminum plate has the advantages of light weight, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., suitable for use as a material for automotive exterior trim panels.

Aluminum plate manufacturer_6082 aluminum plate specification parameter introduction

Material status: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112

Thickness (mm) 0.3-600

Width (mm) 100-2600

Length (mm) 500-16000

Typical products: mobile phones, camera lenses, industrial molds, automotive aluminum sheets, etc.

China aluminum plates manufacturer for auto parts

How much is the price of 6082 aluminum sheet for auto parts?

How much is 6082 aluminum sheet per ton? There are many specifications and models of 6082 aluminum plates, and the quotations are also different. The input cost and technological level of each manufacturer are different. The quotation is high or low. How much is a ton? You need to provide the products you need. State, thickness, width, length and dosage are easy for business managers to calculate.

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