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What are the Differences between Cold Rolled Aluminum and Hot Rolled Aluminum?


2019-12-13 10:02

Four Differences between Cold Rolled Aluminum and Hot Rolled Aluminum.

In the process of aluminum plate procurement, there are different requirements for the type, material, and process of aluminum plates for different needs, especially the distinction and identification of cold rolled aluminum plates and hot rolled aluminum plates, which play a pivotal role. In the aluminum industry, there are many classifications of aluminum plate. According to different production processes, aluminum plate can be divided into cold rolled aluminum plate and hot rolled aluminum plate. Here, The difference between cold rolled aluminum plate and hot rolled aluminum plate is as follows.

aluminum sheet/plate
1.Different Production Process. Cold rolled plate is processed by a casting and rolling machine into a cast coil (8mm thickness) and processed by a cold rolling machine, while hot rolled plate is processed by heating aluminum plate (400-500mm thickness) , and rolled by a hot rolling mill at high temperature.

2: Different Raw Material Supply. The difference between the two is that the billet supply is different. The hot-rolled billet is cast aluminum ingot-heating-rolled into a coil for cold rolling, and the cold-rolled billet is cast-rolled and direct cold-rolled.

3. Different Properties. The surface quality of the hot-rolled aluminum plate is good, at the same time, the mechanical properties and ductility are strong, and the oxidation effect is good. 

4. Different Uses. Cold-rolled aluminum plates are mostly used in molds, and hot-rolled aluminum plates are suitable for stamping and drawing manufacturing.

Through the above four points, you can easily distinguish between cold-rolled aluminum plate and hot-rolled aluminum plate. The selection of aluminum plates requires professional knowledge. The purchase of aluminum plates requires the selection of professional manufacturers. If you are interested in our aluminum plate products, welcome to consult and visit .

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