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Tips on asking price for an aluminum plate supplier from different country


2019-03-14 13:36

The price of aluminium sheet is calculated according to the price of aluminium ingot plus processing fee (the state of aluminium sheet). The specific price also depends on the size and specification of aluminium sheet and the state of alloy. The price of zero cutting and whole sheet is also different.

Take 5052 aluminium plate price consultation as an example:

When Mingtai aluminium industry exports its products, the quotation is usually based on the price of Yangtze River aluminium ingot plus processing fee. Here, customers should pay attention to it. Because different countries have different time zones, please make sure the accuracy of the time, so as to avoid trade frictions due to different time and rates.

5052 Whole Board Goods on the Market Currently >= 18.5 yuan/kg

Cutting waste >= 20.5 yuan per kilogram

The two figures above are actually descriptions of waste. These are the rules of the industry. Manufacturers produce according to blanks when they produce. Some customers need manufacturers to cut them into specific specifications. At this time, losses and waste will occur in the cutting process, which need customers to bear.

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