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China's manufacturers of ultra-wide 5083 aluminum panels? How much is a ton of a


2019-02-12 13:42

Q: We need to purchase 5083 marine aluminum plate with a width of 2200mm. The order quantity is 200 tons. We have certain requirements for the qualification and scale of the supplier. Looking for a large factory, what are the large-scale manufacturers of 5083 aluminum plates in China? How much is a ton of marine aluminum alloy 5083?

What are the larger manufacturers of 5083 aluminum sheets in China?

A: There are many manufacturers that can produce 5083 aluminum plates in China, but there are fewer manufacturers with large scale and strong strength, and can produce ultra-wide aluminum plates. The state-owned aluminum plant recommended Southwest Aluminum, and the private aluminum plant recommended Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd.

How much is a ton of aluminum alloy 5083 in China?

A: How much is the price of aluminum alloy 5083, the price is different for each manufacturer, the better the quality, the higher the price; and the state of aluminum alloy 5083 is different, the price is different; in addition, if aluminum alloy 5083 is used for shipbuilding, it needs the classification society. For certification, the price is higher. The specific quotation can be obtained through the website message to obtain the price information of the ultra-wide marine aluminum alloy 5083.

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