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  • How to Choose Suitable Reflective Aluminum Sheet?
    Among leading reflective aluminum sheet suppliers, Mingtai would like to share how to choose suitable aluminum mirror sheets with purchasers.
  • How to Guarantee the Effect of Oxide Film on Aluminum Mirror Sheets?
    to improve the transparency of the oxide film, we should focus on four aspects: improving the purity of the oxide film, controlling the thickness of the oxide film, reducing the porosity of the oxide film, and ensuring proper sealing.
  • Why is Aluminum Flashing Coil Used for Cigarette Packing?
    Before getting a cigarette out, people have to tear apart an inner layer of "paper" right inside the pack. This paper, usually called tinfoil, is actually made of aluminum flashing coil.
  • How to Choose Aluminum Coil and Stainless Steel??
    As known to all, compared to other metals, including steel, aluminum coil sheet boasts many competitive advantages and is more and more widely applied in many industries.
  • Tips on asking price for an aluminum plate supplier from different country?
    When purchasing aluminum sheets from different countries, customers often have uncomfortable cooperation and trade friction for various reasons.
  • What alloy models are there for rust-proof aluminum sheets??
    As the name suggests, rust-proof aluminum plates are aluminum plates with anti-rust properties. It is well known that aluminum can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion in humid air, so aluminum has good oxidation resistance.
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