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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

Aluminum Alloy in 5182

The 5182 Al-Mg alloy has medium strength and good corrosion resistance, which is widely used in different fields according to the sheets thickness.

application of aluminum Alloy in 5182 

The main alloy element of 5182 is magnesium, which ensures this alloy has good strength, corrosion resistance, weld ability and forming performance. Therefore, it’s widely used in construction and transportation field, such as fuel tanks, fuel pipes, and stamping parts for vehicles and ships, instruments, brackets for street lamps, rivets and hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc.

Aluminum Alloy in 5182 application

The strength of alloy 5182 is medium. The alloy element of Mn is to approve the strength of alloy, and Mn content of 5182 alloy is lower than that of alloy in 5083. So 5182 alloyis suitable for material forming. What’s more, alloy in 2 series, 6 series and 7 series is not suitable for large forming, so 5182 alloy is the best in this aspect.

Aluminum Alloy in 5182

Alloy in 5182 belongs to Al-Mn alloy, which is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum products. Comparing with alloy in 3 series, this alloy has high strength, especially with fatigue resistance, high plasticity and corrosion resistance. When hardened by semi-cold work, the plasticity is good . When hardened by cold work, the cutting performance is poor, the plasticity is not good as that of semi-cold work, but it has better corrosion resistance and weld ability.


5182 aluminum alloy

profuct :5182 aluminum sheet

Given the properties, it is used as 
Aluminum auto parts;
aluminum fuel tanks;
aluminum Gasoline; 
aluminum lubricating oil pipes;
aluminum can lid stock;
aluminum can end stock;
aluminum ring pull stock;
aluminum suitcase;

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