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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

Aluminium PP caps sheet

Aluminum PP caps can be used for packaging of alcohol, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc. Aluminium sheet is used in these fields. Through thermoforming process, bottle caps are produced according to a certain size, which is in line with other materials and can achieve high sealing performance.

aluminium PP caps low cost

In terms of raw materials, the cost of Aluminium PP caps sheet is lower than that of plastic (the cost of aluminum caps is half of that of plastic caps). The structure of anti-theft caps is very complicated. At present, the production line of the wine industry is designed to install aluminum caps.

aluminium sheet for bottle caps

More importantly, aluminum sheet for bottle caps has superior performance, can be mechanized, mass produced and pollution-free, can achieve 100% recycling, and can also meet special requirements such as high temperature steam sterilization. In addition, since no special opening tool is required, the aluminum cap tends to replace the cork stopper, and it has gained the favor of many bottle cap manufacturers.

what alloy aluminium sheet can be used for bottle caps

Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil has a good deep drawing effect. The maximum punching depth can reach 60-80mm, which can be directly stamped and formed. At the same time, 8011 aluminum alloy has excellent oxidation. After oxidation and coloring, the color is bright and beautiful. And the weight is very light, only 1/10 of the weight of tinplate. In addition, 8011 aluminum foil has the advantages of high recycling rate and environmental protection, and is selected by more and more manufacturers and customers.

aluminium PP caps sheet manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional polypropylene PP cover sheet and strip manufacturer in China. The aluminum-based material of the bottle cap is one of Mingtai Aluminum's advantageous products. To meet the diversification and needs of customers, we also provide hot-rolled and cold-rolled aluminum plates, including aluminum plates, coils and strips, for the production of aluminum caps. The company is equipped with ultra-long cleaning lines and uncoiling and slitting equipment to ensure that the product surface is degreased and the scale rate is low. The aluminum base materials for bottle caps are widely used in the field of bottling.

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