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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging supply

Superior performance, supply for many large enterprises year round

Mingtai's 8011 aluminum foil , 8021 aluminum foil has been well-known for its superior performance in the market for many years, and its shipment volume has steadily increased, ranking among the best in the domestic market. At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum is equipped with a powerful logistics system to provide customers with one-stop delivery services.

Four obvious advantages of Mingtai aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging The surface is clean, hygienic, non-toxic, healthy and green packaging material; non-toxic, tasteless, non-volatile, and will not react with any food, etc.; Mingtai aluminum foil has high hardness, strong tension, and excellent Plasticity, suitable for packaging of any shape; good shading effect, can avoid sunlight and other light, high temperature and low temperature will not produce penetration.

Blister aluminum foil

Blister aluminum foil cold stamping forming has good tensile strength. After forming, it is a protective cover for conventional aluminum-plastic blister packaging. It has good airtightness and exquisite appearance. It is especially suitable for packaging medicines and foods that are sensitive to humidity or sold in hot and humid areas. And health products, this product has high barrier properties to water vapor, oxygen, and light, and is suitable for packaging of health foods, medicines and other products with high density and high moisture barrier requirements.

Mingtai Aluminum was established in 1997. It is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. Our products cover 1-8 series aluminum sheet, strip and foil. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of aluminum sheet, strip and foil. A well-known private aluminum sheet, strip and foil processing and production enterprise.

With more than 20 years of experience in the production and processing of aluminum plates, strips and foils, Mingtai Aluminum has rapidly risen and become well-known to the majority of users. With advanced production equipment, high-quality product quality and considerate after-sales service, Mingtai stands out in the aluminum processing industry and has been widely praised by partners and customers all over the world. We will also continue to work hard and continue to innovate to provide our customers with better products and services.

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