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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

Mingtai 1235 Aluminum Foil for Tape in South Korea Market

The finished product made of 1235 aluminum foilil- aluminum foil tape has become an indispensable repair tool in the consumer field.1235 aluminum foil tape has the properties of good thermal insulation, strong adhesion, anti-aging, etc.1235 aluminum foil for tape is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioning, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries. Besides, the most obvious features of aluminum foil tape is the luster and texture of the metal, which is attributed to the production raw material- 1235 aluminum foil alloy. Here, In order to ensure the excellent quality of 1235 aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum introduced advanced foil rolling mills, strictly controlled the raw materials, adopted a reasonable process, and inspected layer by layer during the production process. So, the 1235 aluminum tape foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has the advantages of clean oil removal, less pinholes and no scratches, good plate shape, no deformation in cutting, firmly adhesive and not easy to fall off. Its performance and quality are guaranteed ! Nowdays, Mingtai 1235 aluminum foil has been successfully exported to South Korea, and praised by global customers ! 


Here, it should be particularly emphasized that Mingtai products are not finished aluminum foil tapes, but aluminum foil raw materials of aluminum foil tapes. In fact, Henan Mingtai. Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of 1235 aluminum foil substrate, does not provide adhesives, composite materials, printing and other processes. Among them, Mingtai Aluminum. Downstream customers widely use 1235 aluminum foil to produce aluminum foil tape. Recently, the aluminum foil 1235 for Mingtai adhesive tape was successfully exported to South Korea! The Korean customer purchased 1235 aluminum foil with a width of 1090mm, a thickness of 0.03mm and 0.04mm, a single roll weight of 500kg, and a total of 20 tons as a tape foil. Finally, the transaction is quoted in FOB USD!


In addition to aluminum foil for 1235 tape, Mingtai's best-selling products include aluminum foil for 1070 and 1060 tape, 3003 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, etc., which are widely used in food and medicine. Packaging, household aluminum foil, bento box materials, electronic products, cable industry, honeycomb materials and many other fields. Mingtai Aluminum is a customized manufacturer of large-scale aluminum foil substrates . It can undertake production orders of 5-2000 tons of large-scale aluminum foil substrates, 7-35 days delivery, global distribution, complete specifications, reasonable prices, and provide original factory warranty. You can rest assured to buy! Welcome to consult!
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