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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

Aluminium foil pouches are used in various industries

The aluminium foil pouch are made using high quality Aluminium Foils to ensure their durability in its utility. These Aluminium foil pouch are customized in various dimensions as per the specifications of the clients. These aluminim foil pouches are used to pack the high moisture affected products. These aluminium foil pouch are used in various industries for packing various kinds of products.

When a product requires multi-layered packaging, manufacturers normally use foil pouches. They are used as the innermost layers of packaging. It’s very important for foil pouches to be of top quality and extremely hygienic since they are in direct contact with the packaged product. Generally, foil pouches are made out of aluminum and protect the product from extreme temperatures. Additionally, foil pouches maintain a low rate of moisture vapor transmission.

aluminium foil pouch

Aluminum foils are widely used in packaging. Our products range includes Aluminum Foils, Aluminum Foil Lid, Aluminum Foil, Alu Foil, Aluminum Blister Foil, Printed Blister Foil, Blister Foil, Plain Aluminum Strip Foils, Glassine Poly, Laminated Pouches, Aluminium Foil Pouch Printed Aluminum Foil and Printed Aluminum Strip Foil. Equipped with ultra modern manufacturing facilities and trained workforce, we have been consistently offering our valued clients, with best quality products and timely services. Our entire collection of packaging aluminum foils and products are developed by experts who have the required knowledge of specific requirements of our global buyers.

Common structures of heavy duty aluminium foil
Polyester Film - LDPE
Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - LDPE
Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - Polyester Film - LDPE
Polyester Film - Metallised Polyester Film - LDPE
Metallised Polyester Film - LDPE
Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - OPA - LDPE
Product Features of aluminium foil pouches:
Available in the various sizes
Aesthetic Plain Silver Pouches
No Printing Costs
Suitable for Product Launch

Suitable for Labs

These aluminium foil in flexible food packaging are also widely used as packaging for tea and coffee. They ensure the beverages stay fresh and retain their aroma. Foil pouch packaging is used in the non-food arena as well. Since they are hygienic and safe, they are often used for packing surgical instruments and medicines.

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