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With high product quality and numerous technical patents, Mingtai aluminum alloy widely apply to different industry. Mingtai Aluminum's high level of calendering technology guarantees the flatness of the product.

3004 Aluminum Foil Manufacturers for Lunch Boxes in China _ the price of 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes

At present, most of the lunch boxes used in the catering industry on the market are made of aluminum foil materials, and their performance is relatively stable, and the heat preservation effect is good, which can meet the high standards of heat preservation and preservation in the catering industry. In recent years, with the continuous increase in environmental protection and the continuous improvement of food safety requirements, the safe, clean, environmentally friendly, and high-recycling aluminum foil lunch boxes have been favored by the market. Aluminum foil for lunch boxes has high cost performance and high quality.

3004 aluminum foil for lunch box

Specific product specifications of 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes

Thickness: 0.018-0.2mm

Width: 100-1600mm

Material status: F, O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28

Applicable fields: lunch box material, food foil, container foil, etc.

Performance characteristics: high safety and health performance, easy processing, high hardness, relatively good stamping effect, excellent plate shape, no black wire, no bright line, and strong stability.

Price of 3004 aluminum foil for lunch box

Price and manufacturer of 3004 aluminum foil for lunch box

The 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes produced by Mingtai Aluminum has many specifications, their specifications and conditions are different, and the performance is also different. Users can choose the appropriate state of 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes according to their actual production needs. , Mingtai Aluminum is a direct-sale manufacturer, all products are ex-factory prices, so the price is relatively affordable.

In addition to 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes, Mingtai Aluminum has developed a variety of household aluminum foils, container foils, sealing foils, aluminum foils for egg tarts, aluminum foils for food packaging, etc., in accordance with the actual needs on the market. We have a professional R&D and design team. According to the different needs of users, a reasonable customized production plan is carried out to make the products more in line with the needs of users.

3004 aluminum foil manufacturers for lunch boxes in China

As a direct selling manufacturer with more than 23 years of production experience, Mingtai Aluminum has a professional team and perfect after-sales service. It can also provide preferential factory direct sales prices, serve many customers, and have a high degree of praise in the industry. If you want to buy cost-effective aluminum foil for lunch boxes, it is a good choice to choose Mingtai Aluminum. If you have any needs, you can click on the free online consultation or visit the factory. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Mingtai Aluminum's products have undergone multiple quality inspections, and each link is tested by professionals. All performance indicators have reached the relevant regulations. The product quality is guaranteed, the performance is stable and reliable, and the after-sales is relatively complete, which can meet your diversified needs. For more detailed product information and preferential quotations, you can click on the online consultation, and you are also welcome to visit the factory at any time, we have professionals to answer your questions in detail!

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